Monday, March 15, 2010

Rockfest Retreads a Disappointment

In the midst of what I think might be the best time of year for sports fans, I've struggled to find the time to keep up with another love of mine, music. So it's no surprise that I had no idea that the band list and details were released today for KQRC's Rockfest 2010 concert.

The first thing that jumped out at me was that the show has seemed to evolve from a summer concert to a more of a spring bash. Until last year, the show had always been in June. This year's show is slated for Saturday May 15th. At this rate, we'll be wondering whether next year's show will coincide with Royals' opening day.

I just don't see the logic. Most students, high school or college, will either be needing to study for finals or will be planning their graduation. Or, better yet, their graduation IS that Saturday. Nice. That'll sell some tickets. And I'm no weatherman, but I've seen May in Kansas City. It may be March, but my extended forecast for May 15th and pretty much every other day in May is calling for rain. And lots of it. Maybe the Rockfest coordinators like turning the show into 'Mudfest'. In my experiences, though, it doesn't add to the fun, but instead, it puts you down a pair of shoes.

My biggest beef with this year's presentation is the most important element of all: the bands. Godsmack, Three Days Grace, and Seether. Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, and Rev Theory. Now, with all due respect to these bands, and there isn't much, but is this Rockfest 2005? How about something fresh? It's almost like they wanted to do a Rockfest - Greatest Hits, sans the great hits.

One of the reasons there are very few new bands out that impress me is these bands' failure to evolve, from song to song, from album to album. Godsmack and Seether? They're the same bands they were when their first albums dropped. Papa Roach? Maybe they've evolved, if you consider letting your producer write your songs instead of your band evolution. And Drowning Pool? Let's not even get started on them. Three words: Just. Go. Away.

And worst of all, KQRC, corporate radio master Johnny Dare and all, add to it by their own failure to evolve. The same songs, the same bands, the same concerts, this is not what made 98.9 great originally. I think the station and Rockfest is great for Kansas City, I just hate to see it become so watered down. In my days of youth (which are still ongoing), I was an avid 98.9 listener. I've now gone almost two full years without listening to the station, and today I got a reminder that absolutely nothing has changed. Before last year, I'd gone to seven consecutive Rockfests. For the second year now, I'll be sitting it out. But you won't hear me cryin' like a bitch, because I know I won't be missing anything.


  1. Writing as a high school senior, I have a few things to say about your post. I have never been to a Rockfest in my life but I am a fan of most of the bands proforming at this one. I can't say much about Drowning Pool because I never got into their stuff, but Papa Roach, Seether, and Godsmack all kick ass. I'm not here to try to say that its any better line up then the previous years but as a new rock fan its just fine with me. As for graduation? Its two weeks past this, finals are a breaze and this is a nice way of ending the last year of school. Look, if you got a problem with the show or the bands or even the people who set the thing up then don't go. But don't sit there and bitch because you don't like it. All you do is ruin the show for others. That being said, you have a right to your opinion, just please keep it to yourself.

  2. Sean-

    I understand where you're coming from, but no one forced you to read my blog. And anywhere I've advertised this blog, I've made it clear what my general feeling was, so if you didn't want a negative view on the show, you knew not to read it. This is a blog which is based on opinion, and I will never keep THAT to myself.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. I agree with Sean, these are all damn good bands and A LOT of other people would say the same. I understand that this is your blog and your opinion and that's fine, but damn man have a little more respect than that.

    You also have to understand that KQRC is paying for this thing pretty much on their own and you also have to consider what schedules other bands have. Maybe that's why they moved it up to May 15 instead of when they usually have it. I agree with you about them moving the date though, I think that was a bit of a bad move but I don't think it will matter much because it is Rockfest!

    By the way, this is a FRESH year for Rockfest because there aren't any bands coming back from the last couple of years except Rev Theory. It's not like every other year when Shinedown, Saliva and Chevelle are always there. Even though I'm not complaining because I like those bands. Well, except Chevelle they always suck live. But I'm just saying, it is a new lineup and I don't think it's something to complain about. Especially with Godsmack headlining, are you crazy!? They are one of the best live bands out there and they know how to keep the crowd into it!

    Another thought, please don't talk shit on Johnny Dare, he's a really good guy and he does the best he can to give people what they want.

  4. Guys, thanks for giving your feedback. We may differ in opinion, but I appreciate you reading. Really.

    Check back again sometime.

  5. No problem, will come back for sure. By the way, 41,000 tickets were sold to Rockfest in the first week! haha

  6. Chevelle sucks live?! You realize it's only three guys, right? I can't imagine playing the riffs Pete does while singing.
    I'm definitely feeling you on this one, Eli.

  7. Yes, they do suck live. My opinion won't change on that matter either until they can actually do what a band is supposed to do and that is to PERFORM! Yes I know how many people are in the band and I don't care. If you can only give good music through the studio and not on stage then you shouldn't be on the road performing on stage! Face it, they suck, they need to stay in the studio and not come out of it.