Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fantasy Stressball

It's a shame the only time I can find to put some intelligent (let's hope) thought on paper (laptop) is while I'm killing time getting fantasy football updates. I'm not THAT busy of a person. But sometimes I feel like I am.

This fantasy football thing has taken me over. I cannot tell you how important something so silly has become. The fantasy owner that I am facing this week has the starting running backs for the Bears and 49ers on his team, and those two teams happen to be playing eachother tonight. So while all other football fans in the world are rooting for touchdowns and a close finish, I'm praying for a 6-3 puntfest including both said running backs (Matt Forte and Frank Gore) developing allergies to pigskin causing them to head to the locker room and far away from the endzone.

And it's not enough that I have to go through this pain without any of my players being able to counter - the Bears/Niners game is the only NFL game tonight - but because of Time Warner's ongoing negotiation battle with the now three year old NFL Network, most people in the Kansas City area, including myself don't even get to watch this "nationally televised game". If you don't already know, I'll spare you the details of why these two money grubbing corporations have yet to strike a deal, but it's probably fair to say it has to do with the same greed that has led to our current economic situation.

So anyways, as I type away, I'm reduced to refreshing a second window in my browser for fantasy updates. It's hell. And don't kid yourself, with the way things have been going with the Chiefs, fantasy football is all I have. Sundays are more easily bearable, and in the unlikely scenario that I do win, I can actually enjoy myself, if only for a brief moment.

**Frank Gore, 14 yards, TOUCHDOWN!**

Moment's up.

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