Thursday, March 8, 2012

Royals, Super Fan Chris at odds after season-ticket squabble

Last December, the Royals found a way to successfully alienate the second most-recognizable player in franchise history.

So, then, it should go as no surprise that the Royals have now found a way to successfully alienate possibly its most prominent and committed season-ticket holder in franchise history.

Because of miscommunication and procedural changes within the organization, Royals Super Fan Chris, or Chris Coats to those who know him, will not be visible in his usual seat at The K this summer — due to a late season-ticket renewal payment.

"They released my seat the last week of January," Chris, a season-ticket holder since 2003, told me via Facebook. "They (were) working on a new location close to where I was, but couldn't sell me All-Star tickets for the same seat."

In previous years this wouldn't have been a problem, Chris says.

"They used to have personal lancers who sold tickets to you every year," he explains. "They scrapped that a few years ago and now it's whoever. They email me a few times every year but I've never responded because they get one check, payment in full in late February/early March after I get my refund check.

"I've done this every year for like seven or eight years. Never been an issue."

Until now, apparently.

Season-ticket sales have skyrocketed this winter in anticipation for what proves to be an eventful summer of baseball out at The K. Kansas City will serve host to its first mid-summer classic in almost 40 years. In addition, the talent on the opening day roster has many fans and experts alike predicting a division title for the boys in blue.

And so, with tickets at a high demand for the upcoming season, the Royals moved on — sans their biggest supporter.

Not to worry. Chris will still get to witness all the fun in person this summer, though his vantage point may have worsened a bit.

"I'm going cheapest seat that will allow me into the All-Star game," he says. "Should save me almost $1000."

As for this year's version of the Royals? Chris is cautiously optimistic, as anyone nicknamed "Super Fan" should be.

"I guess I'll say 85-77."

He doesn't specify whether that'll be good enough to qualify for postseason play, nor does he need to. After a decade of losing baseball, 628 games attended in a row (he thinks), and now this, we can all take comfort in knowing Super Fan Chris is just happy to be there — whether the Royals appreciate him or not.

And for the squabble?

"I feel like if I still had my lancer it may be different. Maybe not. But you'd think as long as I was a repeat customer they wouldn't release your seat until opening day."


  1. Great article! I was shocked when Chris told me last week.

  2. Chris should get the cheapest ticket he doesn't sit in the seat anyway !!!!!!!

  3. Super Fan Chris , the most prominent & committed season-ticket holder in franchise history ??? You have to be kidding me with such a BS statement like that !!!!!!!!! The Royals as a team have been around a lot longer than 10 years !!!!! Most committed ???
    Really !!!!!! Maybe we all should wear a flag as a cape to the ballpark hoping people will give us some attention !!!!!!!!!

  4. To the last commenter, this link my help shed some light on Chris' commitment to the Royals.

    Also, while I understand your questioning of my consideration for previous generations of Royals fans, I feel, given that he became a season-ticket holder (while in high school) on the brink of the worst stretch of baseball in franchise history, his commitment to the team has gone unmatched.

    I stand by my statement.

    1. There are fans of the Royals who have been season ticket holders every year since 1985 , the last time they made the playoffs !!!!!! why didn't Chris get his payments in on time , like he was told !!!!! Or do you think he is " Special " because he has been committed for 10 years !!!!!
      Give me a break !!!!!!!!!

    2. Wow, I know it has been four years but I can't read this self-important, exclamation mark tirade without noting the bitter hate that must reside in "Anonymous". Maybe other replies were deleted...I hope "anonymous" has found peace with the fact not everybody has to think just like himself!!!!!