Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Gunther Chronicles

In honor of our Chiefs traveling to Detroit Sunday to take on former team defensive coordinator/head coach/defensive coordinator (again)/crazed lunatic and now Lions' defensive coordinator, Gunther Cunningham, I present to you possibly the greatest six minutes of HBO's Hard Knocks series' history.

"The Gunther Chronicles."

To be fair, this was actually only Gunther circa-2007, well after Head Coach Gunther, who worked 20 hours a day (and did so by snorting smelling-salts and as a result was generally mad at everything that existed) was fired by the Chiefs via the team website.

And that, of course, was just after Defensive Coordinator, Gunther (version 1.0), who, by the way, was the last Gunther to actually help produce a playoff-caliber defense.

But that's neither here nor there. This video is strictly for entertainment purposes only. So, in the words of Gun himself—

Hey.. numb nuts...


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