Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chiefs are all-in with Haley

The hiring of new quarterbacks coach, Jim Zorn is just the icing on the cake. This is Todd Haley's show now.

Along with the mostly irrelevant promotion of offensive line coach, Bill Muir to offensive coordinator, Haley has the Kansas City Chiefs' 2011 coaching staff set. No more Charlie Weis. No more rascals.

No more offensive coordinators with credentials tenfold that of the team's head coach.

The Zorn hire makes sense. He's a former NFL quarterback and has built a solid resume as an assistant. And who knows? Maybe he is the guy who can make Matt Cassel the elite quarterback Haley and GM Scott Pioli are convinced he's so destined to be.

More so, though, his arrival in Kansas City is affirmation that the Chiefs are going to live and die with Haley, and Haley alone.

As I mentioned about a month ago, I agree with Haley's decision to take the offense back over himself. If we've come to terms with the fact that Haley (and his ego) won't allow another respected voice aid him in the game-planning and play-calling (Weis, Chan Gailey), then it seems to me there is no other real option.

Had Haley hired another established offensive coordinator for 2011, we may have been looking at another Weis-like exit a year (or less) from now.

It's unfortunate the coach's ego has helped limit the options for the team going forward, but this is the way it is. Haley, coming off a coach-of-the-year-like 10-6 season, isn't going anywhere — at least not for another season (and likely, another two). If that's the hand we're dealt as Chiefs fans, the least we can ask for is the team, and more importantly, its coaches, are accountable for the results they yield next season and beyond.

By making it painfully obvious this is his offense, Haley has given himself little room to play the cop-out, blame-game in an effort to save his job if the team regresses next season.

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